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After the past year, it’s imperative that we get back together with our families and friends. There are so many stories to catch up on, so many hugs that need to be delivered, so much growth that’s happened in the kids, perhaps some new babies, some new diplomas, so many new spouses and SO’s that the family hasn’t had a chance to meet.

To do this well, you’ll want a convenient place where people can gather, comfortable places for main conversations and side conversations, a dance floor if your group boogies, good spots for pictures, defined spaces to give young people enough but not too much room, plenty of parking and easy access to the airport.

Verandas Beach House offers the perfect spot for social events with a guest count between 50 and 250. 

Exclusively Yours

Unlike a hotel or restaurant space, Verandas offers a private event space with a gated entrance. You can both be assured that your event can be customized to your needs with no other competing priorities, but also make sure that your family and friends get the privacy and space to connect away from the public. 

While we provide many in-house amenities as part of a rental, you are welcome to customize the space to provide the thematic or experiential elements that best fit with your event. 

If you have kids (we do recommend utilizing a babysitting service for kids aged 1-10 if parents want to enjoy themselves), the space allows for a setup for games or for kids to hang out while providing the ability to monitor only a few entrance/ exit points and providing an enclosed setting away from the general public.

Multiple Spaces

Verandas offers multiple spaces perfect creating activities in different areas for different age groups or interests. 

There’s an outdoor space + stairs + upstairs patio that can be used for casual interactions and/ or lawn games. Or we can set up action stations we can’t do inside (our flaming donuts dessert station comes to mind)

Our downstairs ballroom is a wide open space, typically used for the dinner portion of an evening if you’re doing a sit-down. Flexible otherwise. (we can set up a buffet in the vestibule for a more self-service approach). We have a built-in setup available for your use that can create substantial savings when it comes to rentals.

The upstairs has a great bar, a dance floor, a stage, and a lounge area with ocean/ sunset views. 

Basics Included

We offer a facility that brings tables, chairs, and a base package of linens, cutlery, dishes. This allows you to either use them and focus budget on other items, or rent upgraded versions of the items that matter to your vision and theme.

Social Events at VBH Photos

Elegant rainbow balloon display for a baby shower hosted at Verandas Beach House.

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Cocktail Style Menu

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Cocktail Style Menu
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